Hotel Schloss Mönchstein
Hotel in Salzburg
From $514
From $514
Former Castle Hotel
The castle was first built in the 14th century. During the 17th century, it was sold to Mülln Abbey. Archbishop Paris Lodron ordered further fortifications like the Monica gates, Augustinian gates and drawbridges. At some point, it was used by the University of Salzburg as a place of repose for its professors and it was dubbed the "Professors' castle" in the 1600s. A few years later, the castle's tower was used as the astronomy station to observe the stars and planets.
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Former Castle Resort
The castle was built during the 15th century by Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg as a hunting lodge. It also served as an aristocratic residence for many centuries. During WWII, it became the residence of a German foreign minister. It stands right where land meets water giving it a picturesque view of the lake. Guests can dine by the docks, savouring a blend of Austrian and French cuisine, while they overlook the lake, creating an utterly magical atmosphere befitting of a castle.
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Schloss Prielau Hotel & Restaurant
Hotel in Zell am See
Zell am See
From $260
From $260
Former Castle Hotel
The castle was originally owned by a writer named Hugo von Hofmannsthal and his family in 1425. During the 16th century, the property underwent renovations. The owners changed throughout the centuries until it was obtained by the Porsche Family in 1987 who turned it into a beautiful hotel. Guests can rent a Porsche car to drive through the winding mountain roads in style and power. As you park back into the castle, enjoy a 2-Michelin Star cuisine at the MAYER's Restaurant.
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Hotel Schloss Mittersill
Hotel in Mittersill
Zell am See
From $281
From $281
Former Castle Hotel
The castle was initially built in the 12th century in order to help control the trade. In the 13th century, the castle came to the possession of the archbishops of Salzburg, who used it as a court that was primarily concerned with witch hunt cases. During a war in the 16th century, the castle was completely burned and later was rebuilt to the shape it maintains until today. The rooms might be renovated but they retain their original medieval aesthetic. The light-filled "Schreibzimmer" or writing room is perfect for breakfast and the "Gothisches Zimmer" or gothic room is a go-to for calm nights. When the sun peaks high in the summer, guests can enjoy the courtyard or the panoramic terrace.

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