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Hotel in Carcassonne
From $289
From $289
Former Castle Hotel
Hôtel de La Cité was initially built in 1909 and its premises were extended in 1913 and 1927. In the 1920s, it became a stop-over for those travelling between Nice and Biarritz or between Biarritz and Barcelona. The hotel was closed during the WWII and reopened in 1945. During the 1950s, it was at the height of its glory but it started declining in the 1960s, with the restaurant closing in 1969 and the hotel itself in 1987. Two years later, in 1989, it reopened under new ownership, but in 1997 Hôtel de la Cité changed hands once again. It was entirely renovated from 1998 to 2001 and the two existing hotels, the four-star Hôtel de la Cité and the three-star Hôtel Dame Carcas were merged into a single luxury hotel. In August 2011, the hotel was acquired by Christine Pujol, an owner of several charming hotels in Carcassonne, thereby opening a new chapter in the hotel's history.
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Pelletier du Claux
Apartments in Carcassonne
From $139
From $139
Former Castle Apartment
Skinner Claux is a 16th century building which has opened its door to the public.
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Château Des Ducs De Joyeuse 19.1 km from Carcassonne
Hotel in Couiza
From $148
From $148
Former Castle Hotel
Château Des Ducs De Joyeuse is a 4 star hotel housed in a former French castle. It is set in the heart of the Cathar country in Occitania, Aude, near Carcassonne and it was built between 1540 and 1560 as a symbol of the alliance between the Voisin family and the Ducs de Joyeuse. Today, it is one of the most beautiful and luxurious castle hotels available in France. Guests can immerse themselves in the French way of living by visiting nearby historical sites and engaging in various outdoor activities such as hiking, horse-riding and water sports.
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Château des Fontaines 24.7 km from Carcassonne
Bed & Breakfast in Canet d'Aude
From $204
From $204
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Former Castle Bed & Breakfast

Historic Bed & Breakfast

Dog Friendly Bed & Breakfast

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