Parador de Granada
Hotel in Granada
Very Good
From $316
From $316
Former Monastery Hotel
Located in the majestic region of Alhambra, this monastery was built in the 15th century by Queen Isabel, when the Christians retook the city from the Moors who were reigning there for many hundreds of years. The architecture and style of the building reflects this amalgamation of Arab and Christian elements that was characteristic of the era. After Isabel and her husband Ferdinand died, they were buried in the monastery's grounds, and a chapel was erected in their memory. Through the ages, the building has been used as barracks, home for the elderly, school, and so on, until it was made into a parador in 1944.
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Monasterio de San Francisco
Hotel in Palma del Rio
Very Good
From $72
From $72
Former Monastery Hotel
This 4-star hotel is housed in a 15th century monastery, the construction of which started on 1492, the year America was discovered. Elements of the former monastery are still evident throughout the hotel, providing guests with an unparalleled atmosphere and accommodation experience.
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  •     Business (2)
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  •     Sustainability Journey (1)
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  •     Outdoor Pool (1)
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