Carberry Tower Mansion House and Estate
Country House in Musselburgh
Very Good
From $164
From $164
Former Castle Country House
Carberry Tower dates back to the 15th century and is surrounded by an idyllic lake and many acres of scenic woodland. In the 19th century, the tower was extended and turned into a lavish mansion, being home to many royal and noble families over the centuries. It has been called by many as 'Edinburgh's castle in the country', thus showcasing its grandeur and importance. Today, the mansion is used as a luxury hotel and famous wedding venue, maintaining its historic atmosphere and offering the most royal treatment to all its guests.
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Faside Estate
Bed & Breakfast in Musselburgh
From $310
From $310
Former Castle Bed & Breakfast
Boasting a strategic location in East Lothian, Scotland, Faside Castle was initially constructed in the 15th century as a keep and castle to fend off attacks by the English army. It has been known by various spellings throughout the years and it has come under the ownership of many noble families. Before being turned into the hotel that it is today, the castle had been extensively restored, since the damages it has undergone through the centuries were immense.
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Dalhousie Castle Hotel 5.6 km from Musselburgh
Hotel in Bonnyrigg
From $201
From $201
Former Castle Hotel
Located just minutes outside Edinburgh, Dalhousie Castle was built in the 13th century and belonged to the Ramsay clan for centuries. After a rather turbulent past and many renovations, the castle was turned into the award-winning hotel that it is today, providing guests with excellent service and a magical atmosphere that will make them feel like they have travelled through time.
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The Witchery by the Castle 5.8 km from Musselburgh
Hotel in Edinburgh
From $811
From $811
Former Castle Hotel
The Witchery by the Castle was established by James Thomson, one of the most famous restaurant owners in Scotland, at a historic building at the gates of Edinburgh Castle. It takes its name from the hundreds of women burned at the stake as witches on Castlehill during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Witchery occupies a substantial 16th century building, Boswell’s Court, named after a former resident, James Boswell. With its antique-filled suites secreted within dreamy 16th-century building, guests are swept into an opulent, Gothic fantasy.
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Barony Castle Hotel 17.0 km from Musselburgh
Hotel in Peebles
From $126
From $126
Former Castle Hotel
Dating as far back as the 15th century, the castle was initially known as Darnhall and featured fortifications and towers that helped fend off the attacks of any invading armies. In the early 18th century, the castle's facade was revamped in a Jacobean style, so as to resemble a French chateau more closely and become more modern and closer to the architectural standards of the time. Although the castle has been renovated before being turned into a hotel, it still maintains some of its historic elements, such as the remains of a vaulted cellar that can still be seen from the hotel's entrance.
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