Hotel Quinta Do Furao
Hotel in Santana
From $150
From $150
Family Friendly HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Family' categoryHotel Quinta Do Furao provides comfortable and spacious villas perfect for families traveling with kids, giving a familial atmosphere to the hotel. Although some guests feel that one day might be enough for their stay, the hotel offers daily activities for exploration of the island, as well as great amenities. While the hotel is more suited for older clients, one guest's 12-year-old daughter still managed to enjoy herself and was even surprised with a birthday cake provided by the staff. Overall, the hotel provides a great escape from the daily grind and a chance to enjoy quality time with loved ones.
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Hotel O Colmo
Hotel in Santana
Very Good
From $59
From $59
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Family Friendly Hotel

Hotel for Honeymoon

Romantic Hotel

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Casa das Eiras
Apartment in Santana
Info Categories
Family Friendly Apartment

Dog Friendly Apartment

Apartment with Free Wi-Fi

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