Clontarf Castle Hotel
Hotel in Dublin
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Former Castle Hotel
In 1172, Hugh de Lacy built the Castle as an inner circle of defense sites protecting Dublin. With an expansive 900 year history, it was home to the Knights Templar of the Crusades and then to Knights Hospitaller in 1308. Close to the property is where the Battle of Clontarf happened in 1014, when the High King of Ireland drove the Norse-Irish Alliance and Viking forces out of Clontarf. The battle lasted from sunrise to sunset, but its impact on the Irish history lasts until today.
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From $141
Former Castle Hotel
The original castle, Mount Mapas was built back in 1740 by Colonel John Mapas, although some records show that a building stood there at a much earlier time. It was used by the Irish Republican Army and the Black and Tans during the Irish Civil War. This castle offers more than beautiful decors, it is the only castle hotel in Dublin with a Leisure Centre. Guests can relax at the whirlpool spa and Scandinavian wood sauna after dipping on the swimming pool and so combine the ultimate relaxing vacation with a destination steeped in history.
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