Sportshotel Vejen
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Business HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Business' categoryThe Sportshotel Vejen has a sports centre vibe, making it perfect for a healthy business trip. However, some guests would have preferred to eat supper at the hotel instead of the sports centre. Despite this, the hotel offers a "frihed under ansvar" policy and a bar and café for guests to use with subsequent payment. The rooms are basic but meet expectations, including breakfast. However, there were limited options in the sports café for lunch and dinner. The breakfast was satisfactory, although on some days, it was relocated to a meeting room due to events in the restaurant. The staff was accommodating, providing a good solution for late check-in. The hotel is predominantly used by schools, accommodating groups of young athletes in dorm-like rooms with bunk beds. While some guests felt they did not receive accurate information from the staff or that the pricing was not justified, the hotel overall provides guests with all the amenities for an overnight stay with breakfast.
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Hotel Skibelund Krat
Hotel in Vejen
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