The Duke Of Marlborough
Hotel in Russell
From $82
From $82
Historic Hotel
The building was initially known as the "Johnny Johnstons Grog Shop" in 1827. In the 1830s, the port was a popular destination among exhausted whalers and traders after staying a year in the seas. Without law enforcement agencies and an abundance of cheap liquor, prostitution was a lucrative and popular job at the port. Stricken by the everything but ideal scene, Johnny sought to change not just the hotel but also its environment. He changed the hotel's name to "The Duke of Marlborough", the world's richest man to reintroduce elegance and respect on the place. Throughout the years, the building suffered fire and wars but the owners consistently rebuilt its walls.
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Ounuwhao B&B Guest Lodge
Bed & Breakfast in Russell
From $173
From $173
Historic Bed & Breakfast
The property was built around 19th century and underwent extensive renovations throughout the decades. It opened as a hotel in 1992 thanks to its breathtaking view of the Matauwhi Bay.
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