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Summary of reviewsFeerick's Hotel, located on the N4 in Rathowen, Co Westmeath, stands out as a convenient and accessible stopover for travelers between Sligo and Dublin. Guests appreciate its central location, ample well-lit parking and straightforward check-in process, even during late hours. The tranquil setting in Rathowen village juxtaposes with the busy N4 road, resulting in some potential traffic noise for front-facing rooms. Overall, its strategic location is a strong advantage for those needing a practical and hassle-free lodging option in the midlands.

The hotel's breakfast receives overwhelming accolades with guests consistently describing it as excellent, fantastic and first-class. The variety of choices, including hearty and delicious items, leaves guests satisfied and ready for their day. The inclusive nature of the breakfast in the room rate is highlighted as excellent value, enhanced by the friendly and helpful service from the staff. Despite minor critiques about heavy egg and bacon options, the overall breakfast experience is deemed superb.

Dinner at Feerick's Hotel is equally impressive with many guests praising the food quality and presentation. Standout dishes such as steak and roast beef, along with a delightful array of desserts, contribute to a consistently enjoyable dining experience. Despite occasional minor service hiccups and some less remarkable meals, the dinner offerings generally leave a lasting positive impression on visitors, who often express their desire to return.

Guests also commend the hotel rooms for their cleanliness, comfort and modern design. The spotlessly clean accommodations, spacious layouts and elegant decor create a welcoming atmosphere ideal for a restful stay. Despite a few isolated concerns about noise and temperature, the rooms' overall feedback underscores their suitability for a comfortable and convenient hotel experience.

The hotel maintains an exceptional standard of cleanliness with numerous reviews highlighting spotless rooms and well-maintained facilities. This commitment to hygiene extends throughout the hotel, contributing to a positive and hygienic environment. Minor issues with table cleanliness during meals are rare and do not detract from the overall perception of cleanliness.

Feerick's Hotel staff are frequently praised for their friendliness, professionalism and genuine hospitality. Their attentive and supportive nature helps create a welcoming and home-like environment for guests. The staff's exceptional customer service leaves a lasting positive impression, further enhancing the hotel's appeal.

For families, Feerick's Hotel provides a comfortable and accommodating environment with ample space in family rooms and thoughtful provisions like travel cots and blankets for toddlers. The positive dining experiences and overall welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal choice for those traveling with children, especially for short stays during travel stopovers.

The beds at Feerick's Hotel are generally well-received with many guests noting their comfort and contribution to a restful night's sleep. While there are a few mentions of issues such as beds being too soft or creaky, the consensus leans towards satisfaction with the bed quality.

As a three-star hotel, Feerick's Hotel offers basic yet clean and comfortable accommodations, providing excellent value for money. While some guests suggest the rooms could use an update, the overall impression is of a quiet and pleasant stay with a strong emphasis on cleanliness and comfort, making it an ideal choice for short stays.
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Room Types
Single Room This single room features a flat-screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Double Room This double room features a flat-screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Twin Room This twin room features a flat-screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Family Room This family room features a flat-screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

Guest Reviews
Feerick's Hotel is situated on the N4 in Rathowen, Co Westmeath, making it an ideal spot for a one-night stay or as a convenient stopover on a journey between Sligo and Dublin. The hotel is highly praised for its easily accessible location with plenty of well-lit parking available, contributing to its convenience for travelers. Many guests found the central location perfect for their needs, whether for a brief stop on the way to their final destination or as a base to explore the midlands.

The quiet setting of Rathowen village contrasts with the busy N4 road, which provides easy access but may also result in traffic noise for rooms facing the road. Despite some noise concerns, the hotel's location offers a strategic advantage for those traveling from the west coast to Dublin. The convenient check-in process, even at unconventional hours, adds to its appeal for road-weary travelers seeking a hassle-free experience.

For those prioritizing ease of access and a central location in the midlands, Feerick's Hotel offers a practical solution, though potential guests might want to consider the possibility of traffic noise, especially if staying in a front-facing room.

Feerick's Hotel has garnered consistently high praise for its breakfast offerings from numerous guests. The breakfast at this hotel is described as excellent, fantastic and even first class. Guests frequently mention the abundance of choices available in the morning with descriptors such as plenty of choices, great breakfast options and good selection of breakfast making frequent appearances. Visitors appreciate the variety, noting that the breakfast is amazing with a variety to choose from and includes hearty and delicious items.

Despite some minor critiques about the breakfast being too heavy on eggs and bacon, the overall sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive. Descriptions like very good breakfast, incredible breakfast and fabulous breakfast are recurrent in the reviews. The breakfast is included in the price, adding to its value proposition, which guests have also highlighted as excellent value.

Additionally, the breakfast experience includes high-quality meals and the hotel’s staff is often commended for their friendly and helpful service. There are mentions of the breakfast being well-presented and of high quality with comments noting that it is lovely, very tasty and superb.

Overall, Feerick's Hotel appears to deliver a satisfying and enjoyable breakfast experience that leaves guests well-fed and ready for their day.

Feerick's Hotel has garnered a strong reputation for its impressive dinner offerings according to recent guest reviews. Many guests have praised the food as excellent, perfect and delicious, often highlighting specific dishes like steak and roast beef as standout options. Diners were consistently pleased with the clean and pleasant presentation of their meals, noting that the food was filling and of great quality.

The hotel’s dinner service is frequently described using glowing terms such as wonderful, lovely, fantastic and tasty. Desserts also received high marks, being cited as a delightful conclusion to the meal. Special mentions were made of the hotel’s exceptional steaks with some guests calling it the best steak they have ever had. Bar-food and daily specials contribute to the variety, ensuring there is something for every palate.

Despite a few less favorable experiences, where guests found the food convenient but unremarkable or faced occasional service issues, the general consensus remains overwhelmingly positive. Many guests expressed their intent to return, thanks to their satisfying dining experiences. Overall, Feerick's Hotel stands out for its excellent, well-prepared dinners that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Feerick's Hotel offers rooms that consistently earn praise for their cleanliness and comfort. Guests frequently highlight the spotlessly clean accommodations, well-maintained facilities and the spacious and modern design of the rooms and bathrooms. Many visitors appreciate the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, noting that rooms are always well-equipped with essentials like fresh towels and a TV.

The quality of the rooms is evident in the bright, airy feel and elegant decor, which provides a cozy and pleasant stay. The spacious parking is an added convenience for travelers. Despite a few isolated comments about noise and temperature, the overall feedback underscores that the rooms are comfortable, quiet and conducive to a restful stay. For those seeking a clean, modern and comfortable hotel experience, Feerick's Hotel appears to meet and often exceed, expectations.

Feerick's Hotel has consistently garnered positive feedback regarding its beds. Guests often describe the beds as comfortable and offering a great night's sleep. Many reviewers highlight the beds as being very comfortable with high-quality mattresses, contributing to a restful stay. However, a few guests have noted some issues, such as beds being too soft or creaky and a couple of mentions of mattresses being old or hard. In general, though, the consensus leans towards satisfaction with the beds' comfort and quality.

Feerick's Hotel has garnered praise for its exceptional cleanliness, as highlighted by numerous guest reviews. The rooms are consistently described as clean, tidy and comfortable with many guests noting that their accommodations were spotless and very comfortable. The hotel's commitment to hygiene is evident with spotlessly clean rooms and bathrooms frequently mentioned. The cleanliness extends to various room aspects, from the bed to the overall space, which are well-maintained and modern. Additionally, the hotel features rooms that are bright, airy and spacious, enhancing the overall comfort of the stay. The hotel itself has also been called immaculate, contributing to a positive and hygienic environment. Despite a minor issue with table cleanliness during a meal, the overwhelming consensus is that Feerick's Hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness throughout.

Feerick's Hotel boasts an exceptionally friendly and accommodating staff, often lauded for their helpfulness and warm hospitality. Guests repeatedly highlight the professionalism and welcoming demeanor of the team. The staff's friendliness is a consistent theme, creating a genuine and approachable atmosphere where guests feel at home. Moreover, their willingness to go above and beyond is clear with numerous reviews noting their attentiveness and exceptional customer service. The staff's politeness and professionalism contribute to an overall sense of outstanding hospitality, making Feerick's Hotel a place where guests can enjoy a friendly and supportive environment. Whether it's providing clean facilities or ensuring guests' needs are met, the hotel’s staff leaves a lasting positive impression, making them a credit to the establishment.

Feerick's Hotel provides a welcoming environment, making it ideal for families. The hotel exudes a great family atmosphere and caters well to the needs of those traveling with children. For short stays, especially during travel stopovers, the family rooms offer ample space, preventing the discomfort of long car journeys with kids. The availability of travel cots and blankets for toddlers enhances comfort during the stay. Guests also appreciate the excellent food provided, which adds to the overall positive experience.

3 Star
Feerick's Hotel offers a clean and tidy environment, consistently noted by guests as comfortable and well-maintained. The accommodations, while basic, provide good value for money, making it an ideal choice for one or two-night stays. Although some guests feel that the rooms could use an update, the overall impression is of a quiet and pleasant stay with a focus on cleanliness and comfort.

No, Feerick's Hotel doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Feerick's Hotel.

No, Feerick's Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Feerick's Hotel.

No, Feerick's Hotel doesn't have a gym.

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