Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam
Hotel in Zaandam
Noord Holland > Zaanstad
Very Good
From $139
From $139
Unusual Hotel
Located in Zaandam, this 4-star hotel boasts an unusual exterior which resembles a patchwork of traditional houses of the area stacked one on top of the other, as an homage to the area's cultural history. The hotel's interiors also reflect tradition combined with modern amenities, creating a unique atmosphere of relaxation for all guests.
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Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren
Hotel in Stavoren
Friesland > Nijefurd
Very Good
From $130
From $130
Unusual Hotel
Apart from the conventional rooms of the hotel, original wine barrels are also featured, which have been converted into hotel rooms. The barrels offer comfortable and luxurious stay in an atmospheric room. You can choose any of the eight barrels that have a capaticy of 23,000 litres or one of the four barrels of 15,000 litres. A sauna and a jacuzzi are some of the unexpected features that some of barrels have.
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