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Info Situated 400 m away from the beach in Kolympia Village, the property offers a pool.
Summary of reviewsVilla Mare by Delfinia Resort is a great choice for a relaxing and convenient vacation. Guests praise the hotel's location, just a short walk from a beautiful beach and close to shops, tavernas and other attractions. The breakfast buffet offers a large selection of food with delicious pancakes and mixed drinks. Dinners are varied and include themed nights such as Greek grill and Italian dinner. While some guests had issues with their rooms, most appreciated the cleanliness and simple comforts. The cleaning staff is exceptional and the pool area is comfortable with friendly staff. Staff members are described as kind and helpful, providing exceptional service. The outdoor pool is also a highlight, although it can get crowded at times. Overall, Villa Mare offers an affordable and enjoyable retreat with plenty of opportunities for relaxation and sunbathing.
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Guest House for Adults Only
Villa Mare is an adult only accommodation and does not accept children.

Guest House near The Beach

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Guest House with Outdoor Pool

Room Types
Double Room Opening to a furnished patio with garden views, this room comes with air conditioning, a satellite flat-screen TV, and a bathroom with a hairdryer and free toiletries.

About Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort
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Guest Reviews
If you're looking for a great location for your vacation, Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort is definitely worth considering! The beach is just a 5-minute walk away, making it easy to spend your days soaking up the sun and swimming in the crystal clear waters. Plus, shops, tavernas and other touristic attractions are all conveniently close. You'll love the location, as everything is within easy reach, whether you want to explore the north, south, east or west of the island. The hotel is situated away from the hustle and bustle of other hotels, providing quiet and comfort. While some guests were disappointed that Villa Mare was separate from the Delfinia Hotel, this didn't detract from the convenient location. The only minor challenge with reaching the hotel is that public transportation can be a bit tricky due to the confusing Rhodes bus schedule, but with a little planning, you'll be able to get where you need to go. All in all, the location of Villa Mare is highly recommended by guests who appreciate convenience, comfort and access to the local highlights!

Guests of Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort have a lot to say about the breakfast at the hotel. Many guests are impressed by the huge selection of food available with a large buffet offering a variety of foods. The breakfast is described as wonderful with super pancakes and mixed drinks. Some guests mention that there is a good selection of fruit, vegetables, pastries and ice cream, all of which are delicious. Despite the high praise, some guests do comment that the food could have been better with some noting that the quality was poor and the selection repetitive. Overall, guests seem pleased with the breakfast options and the varied selection offered.

Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort offers guests a variety of dining options, including themed nights such as Greek grill and Italian dinner, which provided good quality food. While some guests found the quality of the meat to be lacking, there were still a great selection of salads and lovely food overall. Cocktails at the poolside bar were unavailable, but the all-inclusive package offered a rich selection of delicious food, including fruits and desserts such as ice cream. While there were some criticisms of cold or repetitive food, the selection was generally wide and varied and the main restaurant's food was described as super delicious. Vegan options were slightly limited, but the Grill Bar offered different options, such as pancakes and kebab, which were tasty. The only downside was that the poolside bar opened late, at 11 am. In summary, Villa Mare has something for every palate and the vast majority of guests enjoyed their dining experience with room for some minor improvements.

Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort boasts clean and comfortable rooms that are cleaned daily. However, some guests reported issues such as a lack of internet and a leak in the shower rooms. The air conditioning in some rooms was not working efficiently and there were instances where water from the shower flooded the bedroom. Nevertheless, many guests praised the cleanliness and simplicity of the rooms and some rooms were described as lovely and cozy. Although some guests had issues with their room choices, most rooms were good sized with comfy beds. Some guests reported ant infestations or mouldy and smelly rooms and some even encountered unclean rooms. Despite some negative comments, most guests enjoyed their stay at Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort.

Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort is a great choice for a sunny beach getaway. While some guests complained about the lack of sun beds, others loved the two-person sun loungers available. Some guests did have issues with the beds with one guest noting that the bed linen was too small for their king size bed and another complaining that the bed was uncomfortable. However, there were positive reviews of the beds with one guest mentioning the comfortable bed in Room 501. While some guests found the rooms to be lackluster and outdated with old and uncomfortable mattresses, others found the price to be worth it despite the less-than-perfect accommodations. Overall, Villa Mare offers a beachy and affordable retreat with opportunities for relaxation and sunbathing on the comfortable sun loungers.

If you're looking for exceptional service and clean simple rooms, then Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort is the place for you. The hotel rooms are cleaned every day and the pool is also kept clean. Guests were pleased with the cleaning staff, particularly Marieta, who not only cleaned their rooms every day but also made a mean gin fizz cocktail. The hotel staff overall were polite and careful in their work. However, some negative reviews mentioned that the rooms were not properly cleaned and had issues with mold, dust and even ants. Nonetheless, most guests were satisfied with the level of cleanliness with some mentioning that the sheets were changed daily.

Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort boasts an exceptional staff that provides amazing service to their guests. They are super helpful and kind, making sure to assist guests at all times. The staff is known for their kindness and loveliness and they try their best to make guests feel welcome. The bar staff is particularly amazing, serving delicious drinks and going out of their way to ensure guests have the best holiday ever. Catering and cleaning staff are also helpful and nice. While some staff may have ignored Covid mask rules, the majority of the staff are absolute gems who go above and beyond to make guests feel comfortable. Special shoutouts go to Toni, Macrochni, Chou Chou (minus the alleged racism), Mateou, Catherine, George at reception, Riccardo and the Pakistani bartender. Guests also appreciated the family-like atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the bar staff and animators like Giorgos, Nikos, Christian and Valentine. With a staff like this, guests are sure to have a memorable stay.

If you're looking to relax by the pool on your vacation, Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort might just be the place for you. Guests have praised the comfortable sun loungers and the pool bar which is open from 10am to 6pm. While on some occasions the pool bar was closed, guests generally enjoyed the lovely pool. The surroundings of the pool, however, weren't always clean and some guests had to complain to reception. The pool is also not very big and can sometimes get crowded with guests reserving sunbeds with towels. Nevertheless, those who managed to find a spot by the pool loved it, especially the soft couches under the trees where they could relax in the shade. If you're uncomfortable with crowds, there is a bigger pool available next door. Overall, guests appreciated the privacy of the pool and the hospitality of the staff.

Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort boasts a great location within just a short walk from the beach. The water is crystal clear and inviting for a refreshing swim. Although some guests found the hotel to be a bit far from the beach, it was still manageable and did not affect their overall experience. The hotel is conveniently located near a bus stop and not too far from other beautiful sandy beaches worth visiting. Renting a car is recommended for exploring the island of Rhodes.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool of Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort has received a lot of positive feedback from guests. The sun loungers are described as comfortable and the pool itself is said to be nice and lovely. Some guests loved their rooms and the pool, while others appreciated the bigger pool next door. However, some guests did mention that the pool bar wasn't always open and one guest even had to go far for drinks since the nearby kiosk was always closed. Despite this, the pool staff are praised for being friendly and accommodating. Overall, guests enjoyed the quiet and private pool area with its clean water, although a few mentioned that the pool could get crowded and the music too loud.

Yes, Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort.

No, Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort.

No, Villa Mare by Delfinia Resort doesn't have a gym.
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