Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
Hotel in Heswall
Very Good
From $ 124
From $ 124
Romantic HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Romantic' categoryIf you're looking for a romantic escape with your loved one, then Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa may just be the perfect destination for you. Many guests have described their stay at the hotel as 'a perfect getaway for two', making it an ideal spot for couples who want to spend quality time away from the busy routine of life.

Several guests have celebrated special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays, making their stay at the hotel extra special. One guest particularly enjoyed a 'perfect anniversary weekend' and another enjoyed a 'lovely little getaway for my boyfriend's birthday'. Another guest even described their stay as a 'little mini honeymoon after our wedding'.

Several reviews mentioned the hotel's relaxing atmosphere, making it a perfect escape for stress-free bonding time. One couple was meant to have a 'relaxing anniversary spa night', while another simply wanted a 'relaxing break' with their partner.

The hotel has also been known to offer upgrades and special touches that make guests’ visits even more memorable. One guest was given a 'free upgrade to the bridal suite', which made their 'birthday weekend' that much more special. Overall, Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa is a fantastic destination for couples looking for a romantic getaway filled with relaxation, special memories and picturesque surroundings.
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Leasowe Castle Hotel
Hotel in Moreton
This is a beachfront hotel!
From $ 92
From $ 92
Built in 1593 this impressive castle hotel offers a stunning venue with extensive facilities.
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Romantic Hotel

Former Castle Hotel

Historic Hotel

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  •     Business (2)
  •     Parking (2)
  •     Family (2)
  •     4 Star (2)
  •     Accessible (1)
  •     Historic (1)
  •     Spa (1)
  •     Pool (1)
  •     Indoor Pool (1)
  •     Honeymoon (1)
  •     Gym (1)
  •     Heated Pool (1)
  •     Beach (1)
  •     Golf (1)
  •     Eco Friendly (1)
  •     Castle (1)
  •     Boutique-Style (1)
  •     Beachfront (1)
  •     Yoga (1)
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