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From $140
Business HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Business' categoryHotel Rocas de Bahía has received mixed reviews regarding its suitability for business travelers. While it is recommended for some business activities such as closing business deals, especially with mining companies, the hotel seems to lack several key facilities that are essential for business travelers. A major drawback is the absence of WiFi in the rooms, which has been a cause of concern for guests who need reliable internet for work.

Additionally, there are no dedicated business centers, meeting venues or basic business amenities like desks for working. The lack of elevators has been mentioned as an inconvenience, particularly for those carrying heavy equipment or documents.

On the positive side, the meeting room at the hotel is equipped with the latest technology and there is a free WiFi area which may serve as a working space. Overall, while Hotel Rocas de Bahía offers some benefits for business travelers, it falls short in providing comprehensive facilities required by many professionals.
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Vitrali Beach
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