Last Resort Karamea
Hotel in Karamea
From $30
From $30
Business HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Business' categoryLast Resort Karamea receives positive feedback from business travelers, praised for its straightforward check-in and check-out processes and its suitability for business needs. The location is favorable for business activities and there are plenty of available workspaces which are ideal for meetings and presentations. Guests appreciated the business services provided and found the resort helpful and accommodating for their work requirements. While some feel that the overall condition of the rooms might need a refresh and there were occasional issues with phone response, the resort is still highly recommended for its utility and convenience for business travelers, offering a conducive environment with good views and amenities.
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The Westport Hotel
Hotel in Westport
From $64
From $64
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Family Friendly Hotel

Hotel with Parking

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