Very Good
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From $91
Business HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Business' categoryBilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh is highly regarded among business travelers for its professional setting and efficient facilities tailored to meet business needs. The hotel offers a conducive atmosphere for work with quiet and well-decorated rooms that foster productivity. Business amenities, including conference rooms, are available, making it a go-to destination for business meetings and conferences. The presence of many business travelers highlights its popularity within the corporate community. Additionally, the hotel provides free parking and access to wellness facilities, adding convenience and relaxation options for those on business trips. Overall, it is considered perfect for business groups and individual business travelers alike.
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Very Good
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From $92
Business HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Business' categoryBilderberg Hotel 't Speulderbos is well-regarded among business travelers for its array of dedicated facilities and services tailored to meet their needs. Often described as a business hotel, it provides a quiet and secure environment ideal for attending meetings and conferences. The hotel offers spacious meeting rooms, making it a conference-friendly choice. Additionally, the lobby is a convenient spot for working and taking calls, adding to the hotel's appeal for those on business trips.

The hotel's focus on the business market is evident with a strong emphasis on providing suitable amenities for corporate guests. While there is no dedicated business center, the overall ambiance and facilities cater well to business activities. This makes Bilderberg Hotel 't Speulderbos a great place for business-related stays, whether for meetings, conferences, or work trips.
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Hotel de Boshoek
Hotel in Voorthuizen
Very Good
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From $94
Business HotelSummary of reviews related to the 'Business' categoryHotel de Boshoek offers spacious rooms equipped with all the luxury needed for a comfortable stay. These rooms are big enough to accommodate two people and come with excellent internet, making it ideal for work-related activities. Business travelers will appreciate the flexibility on both check-in and check-out times. The hotel provides very clear instructions, ensuring a smooth experience.

Guests highlight the fast and reliable WiFi and the breakfast is well-regarded with friendly service adding a pleasant touch to the morning routine. The hotel is convenient for those attending nearby courses or work-related events.

However, there are some areas for improvement. Guests occasionally encounter unprofessional staff and find the noise levels early in the morning to be disruptive. The administrative processes involve a lot of back and forth with excessive email communication that can become overwhelming. Despite these minor issues, the hotel's strong points make it a viable option for business travelers.
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From $201
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