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Hotel with Rooms With Jacuzzi / Hot-tubSummary of reviews related to the 'Rooms with Jacuzzi / Hot-Tub' categoryIf you're in need of some relaxation and luxury, Rimske Terme Resort - Hotel Zdraviliški dvor may be just the place for you. Many guests rave about the jacuzzi and hot tub facilities in their rooms, calling it an absolute highlight and amazing. Some have even mentioned having a sauna in their bathroom, adding to the already indulgent experience. While some guests noted that there were few working jacuzzis and that they alternated, others reported that their whirlpool turned on by itself multiple times during the night. However, despite some mixed reviews, the jacuzzi and hot tub seem to be a popular feature among the guests. Even those who expected more from their luxurious suite with a jacuzzi found it to be a lavish experience. Additionally, indoor pools are also available for those looking for a dip. Come and unwind in the comfort of your own private jacuzzi at the Rimske Terme Resort - Hotel Zdraviliški dvor.
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